Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Here you can learn more about me and how I’m serving you in our 16th District. You can use this site to keep in touch with me and to stay informed on what’s happening in the Legislature through my email newsletter.

My goal as a state representative is to foster working relationships with both sides of the aisle. I believe that understanding each other and how our decisions impact our communities is beneficial, and the key to having a stronger Washington. As the ranking member of the Housing Committee, I am working on solutions that will help everyone in our state, especially those who struggle to find and keep affordable living options. Additionally, taxes and regulations need to be re-examined so our families and businesses can thrive. Finally, sound environment policy, public safety, law enforcement/EMS, and transportation are areas I continue to support and advocate for.

I am humbled to serve as your state representative. I believe in an open-door policy, so please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or issues at any time.

Rep. Mark Klicker
R-Walla Walla
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My Priorities

Providing meaningful tax relief to the people of Washington

Washington state saw extraordinary tax collections in 2021 that created a record budget surplus of more than $15 billion over four years entering the 2022 legislative session. However, despite that record revenue, the supplemental operating budget passed by the majority party this year will spend nearly all this surplus without giving any meaningful tax relief to the people of Washington. That is a missed opportunity. House Republicans proposed various tax relief bills and offered a supplemental operating budget framework that would have reduced the state sales tax rate.

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Protecting our neighborhoods and communities

Crime is surging in our state and many people do not feel safe. A pressing issue of the 2022 legislative session was fixing the damage from last year’s law enforcement legislation that caused so much confusion and put our police officers and communities at risk. Three bills passed that will improve police officers' ability to make quick decisions, deescalate dangerous situations, help people experiencing a mental health crisis, and clarify when the use of force is allowed. However, the vehicular pursue issue was not fixed. Public safety must be a priority for the Legislature. Republicans will continue to offer comprehensive solutions.

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Enacting emergency powers reform

For the last two years, I have supported emergency powers reform legislation to restore balance to state government in Olympia. Unfortunately, the majority party has prevented any bills from passing the last two legislative sessions. As of May 2022, we are still under a state of emergency and the governor continues to operate with unbalanced and unchecked power – with no input from the Legislature. This is about giving the people of Washington a stronger voice during a state of emergency. It should not be a partisan issue.

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Helping families to thrive

I want all families in Washington state to thrive. This can be accomplished in various ways, including reducing taxes, rewarding innovation, and empowering families. It is important for parents to be directly involved in their children’s education, including knowing what is being taught in their classrooms and what decisions are being made by their school boards. The Legislature should promote transparency in our education system.

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Get to know State rep. Mark Klicker

Meet Mark Klicker

Mark Klicker is a native of Walla Walla, Washington. His family roots go as far back as 1861 when his ancestors pioneered the Walla Walla Valley. Mark grew up on the family farm where he followed in his ancestor’s footsteps, farming the land by growing irrigated crops, orchards, dryland...

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